YOUR EXPERIENCE is about more than just the final images. The entire process - from the consult, to the photoshoot, and image selection - creates an atmosphere of openness and trust. Fully inhabiting the landscapes of your shared lives, whether relaxed at home or at play in the park, these moments are unexpectedly drawn into Diana’s camera and foster a powerful and joyful experience. For both you and your animal companion, the gift of a day is a truly memorable occasion.

As the intimacy of your relationship is revealed, emotions come to the surface. There is joy. There is laughter. And with an older or unwell animal, there is also sadness. Welcoming these emotions, without trying to push past or ignore them, is an integral part of this shared photographic experience. This complete focus on your connection honors its uniqueness and serves as a catalyst for closeness. You will come away with a profound experience of how being more present with your animal can extend to being with others, including yourself. And, of course, beautiful imagery of you and your animal companion to last a lifetime.


Adina's LoveStory Book


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