I have always known my place in the world when in the presence of animals. Whether walking with my Luka Longlegs at home in New York City, mushing with huskies across the Coloradan snow, or touching foreheads with an elephant in India, all my life, my relationships with animals have granted me my deepest sense of belonging.

I have been filled with wonder, astonished by the power and peace stirred in me whenever I am with animals. Over the years, I’ve realized that it’s how we relate to them that are the true gateways of interconnectedness. Pathways to all creation, others, and ourselves. My life’s mission, therefore, has been devoted to learning how to communicate in this language, their language, subtle, yet astonishingly powerful in its depth.

It is from this place of longing that my need to explore all the invisible ways living beings communicate arises—how can I understand better and be better understood in return? My art arises from this inquisitive longing and my need to celebrate the connections we all have with the animals in our lives. Through my work, I articulate, reveal, and reflect the mysterious depth of these relationships.

As a photographer and writer, I am called to explore the nuanced uniqueness of every bond I shoot and story I write with gratitude and awe. I offer narratives with a purpose beyond aesthetic, beyond entertainment. I invite my clients to notice, acknowledge, and dwell within these powerful connections that exist around us, all the time. The quieter I get, the quieter they get. We step into the deep together, and the invitation to seek increasingly profound experiences of true intimacy—Love—is mutual.

My aesthetic and approach are illustrative. Nonlinear and non-literal, both process and finished product imbue sensibilities of the wild. Qualities of quiet power ebbing with genuine tenderness generate a storybook quality to my work. I emphasize angles based upon the animal’s imagined perspective—my creative key to another world. This is the world of the extraordinary within the ordinary. Light still shines in, but somehow, it is otherworldly. Fences become city walls, puddles oceans, perceptions feelings, and feelings emotions. Whether muted or monochromatic, the finished relics we bring back from our private, but also universal worlds of wonder are warm, whimsical, and soulful. Both the shoot itself as well as the resulting imagery offer the spontaneity of romance inherent in the simplicity of everyday intimacy. Revealed in the truth of this narrative moment is the vast and profound communication which takes place in every glance, movement, and touch between animals and the human beings they love.

The longer I continue on this path, the more I realize that the narratives I write and the images we make together are not unlike the timeless narrative of prayer. The story of a human being and their animal companion is a story of love that is already written in the small, ordinary moments of our days. I offer each LoveStory, therefore, as its own heartfelt prayer for all animals and beings:

May our time together offer us the presence to see one another. To share our lives and laugh.
May we strengthen our bonds with our animal companions, deepen our reverence and gratitude for them, and open our hearts to nature and all beings, including ourselves.
May we create art together that is a lasting tribute and a perfect reflection of the power of this love.
May we use this art to spread the word that we love and are loved—that we are truly never alone.

Yours in gratitude,