THE LOVESTORY BOOK is a curation of imagery and text that presents your relationship from the imagined perspective of your animal companion.

The publication process is completely personalized. Featuring custom layouts with original typography, each volume is handcrafted in Italy using the finest luxury materials - engraved wood, leather, and brushed aluminum. The accompanying poetry and prose is born from the authentic communication between you and your animal companion, and Diana.

Whether presiding elegantly on your coffee table for sharing with friends, or tucked away in the privacy of your nightstand, this contemporary interpretation of the book as art object will celebrate the daily life you share with your animal for years to come.


The Bookshelf


“Heaven On Earth” 

for Adina

 by Tibetan Terriers, Hun and Po

“Coco Is a Dog Who”

for Dick

by Coco, Labradoodle

“Run Run”

for Eugenia

by Cookie Bites, Poodle